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Data Disintegration

HDD drives and tapes can also be passed through specially designed shredding machines called disintegrators.  Unlike crushing, drilling or punching the drives, the disintegrator shredding process completely shreds the entire drive, not just a small section, and ensures the data is unrecoverable. 

In today’s increasingly “solid state world”, there has been a significant move towards data storage using the solid state, or chip, medium.  These chips can be as small as a few millimeters and yet retain and store extensive amounts of data.  Traditional shredding may be effective on these devices as a whole, but in the process, it is equally possible chips may pass through with little to no damage, due to their small size.  For this type of medium, Cay-Shred utilizes an industry-leading commercial disintegrator.  


The process passes the device through a two step process, first shredding it to manageable sized pieces that are then deposited into a hammer-mill where they are pulverized through a screen to a particle size not exceeding 2mm squared – the size of a grain of sand – or smaller, meeting or exceeding NSA requirements for SSD data destruction.  This process can also be applied to cellphones, personal data devices and tablets. 

Solid State Drives


Circuit Boards

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